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Dr. Pepper 10; When I realized that the vlogbrothers were my kinda people.


[ society6 ]


[ society6 ]


Look! I made a thing!! 

For my Design Methods class we had to choose a book and re-design it’s cover. I picked The fault in Our stars by John Green <3. I suck with type, but I’m pretty happy how this turned out. It was a fun homework and the best part is that now I have a personalized book jacket for one of my favorite books <3

Dear John Green, if you ever see this around tumblr, I hope you like it XD


I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity.

I had time and an idea so I made a TFIOS bracelet - it has little infinities on it (haw-haw-haw).

I’m thinking about making more and selling them but I don’t know if anyone would be interested in buying. Let me know.

John Green's Birthday Book! 

John Green’s birthday is August 24th. This year, he will be turning 37 years old! He has been inspiring people for so many years now, and I really wanted to do something special this time around. So, what’s a better way to do that than to gather up all of his biggest fans and work to create something together? That’s why we’re creating The John Green Birthday Book. It’s going to be a scrapbook of sorts, put together by myself, including all of your wonderful letters, pictures and stories! It will be sent in the mail to reach John just in time for his birthday. Since his birthday is in August, you may think that it’s a bit early to start getting the word out, but there’s no such thing as being too prepared. Spread the word and reblog this post! Tell your friends!

What can you do to contribute?

We will be accepting letters that you have written. It can be as long as you want, there is no limit to the length of your letter. You can include stories, pictures, etc. It is entirely up to you! Be creative! When your letter is done, feel free to email it to me You can email it as a document, a PDF, etc., or you can just write your letter in a normal email format. After the deadline, I will print out your letters and put them into the book! After the deadline, all of the submissions will be put into a decorated binder and sent in a box to John!

We will stop accepting submissions on August 13th. We are giving you plenty of time and will not be accepting anything after this date. We will not extend the date. Also, please keep in mind that we will not tolerate any hate mail or rude messages, and that those messages will not be included in the book.

If you have any questions about the book or what kind of thing to send in, don’t hesitate to message me on this blog, or at

The project officially started on June 8th, and we will be accepting your letters until August 13th. Take your time and have fun! We are anxiously awaiting your letters and we can’t wait to put together this special project :)


T-Shirt design 2 of&#160;???


T-Shirt design 2 of ???


T-shirt design 1 of&#160;???


T-shirt design 1 of ???


Just in time for summer!